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Wings of an Angel
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Wings of an Angel tonepoet's music is one of my highly cherished discoveries of the past year! This is a distinctive blend of classic ambient music with a remarkable palette of soul-stirring soundscapes and emotinoal sincerity. An outstanding album which has become a regular guest in my ever-evolving playlist! Favorite track: Expand & Contract.
Dan Leithauser
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Dan Leithauser Same artist as infinite-coil spooling down some mindful electro-ambient variation.
Paul Haynes
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Paul Haynes Time slows down when you enter the world of Tonepoet. Glacial guitars glide over sonic atmospheres towards a tranquil stillness. Ambient quality from start to finish. Favorite track: Headspace.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa You may ask, what will I find on tonepoet's new album "Headspace".

My answer: calmness, reflectivity, somberness, joy, and tranquility, among a few.

In a nutshell, however, you will find an abundant outpouring of raw, heart-felt emotions - a true-to-life spiritual journey. Favorite track: As The Sun Begins To Awake.
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I've spent many months working on the compositions, getting the right sounds for the songs, and mixing. I didn't want to look back at this at some point and think 'I should have done THIS better'. I'm extremely proud of this work and have put my best effort into making it. I set out to do some specific things with this particular release.

First, I wanted it to be over one hour. No more than me having a goal to write over an hour's worth of music that I'm completely over-the-top stoked about . Second, I wanted to slip in a bit more classical influences, be a bit more daring with chord changes, allow some influences to come through (Vangelis, Pink Floyd, and Hammock to name a few) and stretch the ear for the listener. Third, I wanted to compose and do some arranging on piano, and record the results. I did improvise the basic tracks 100% (even the keyboards), then flesh them out with enhancements. And fourth, I wanted to keep it free so that ANYONE can have access to it. I considered pressing this onto a CD, but decided against it as I'm on tour right now and would not be able to make the music available as soon as I'd like. Maybe the next one.........

All that said, I create this stuff on the world's worst equipment (I don't even use a mouse for editing (it was stolen, no kidding), so I use a headache-inducing touch pad and deal with constant crashes on my crippled 8 year old laptop. While the music is free, if you can afford to help out, it will allow 2 things. One, I can (finally) get a computer that WORKS. And two, I can pay it forward to buy music from other people.

Feel free to use this music for films, sleeping, reading, sharing with friends, as an aural backdrop to create a soundtrack to your life.............whatever. Please just give me credit. I have to mention (for no real reason other than I want to) that the track Showers Of Lilac was a recorded improvisation mostly based (with a few alterations here and there) on the greatest song of all time: Purple Rain. Hence the title (think about it). I recorded it on 30th anniversary (released June 25th, 1984). I'm a HUGE Prince fan, just thought I'd throw that out there.

That's it, enjoy the music. Peace.




released September 10, 2014

Thomas 'Tonepoet' Lindsey - Guitars, Field Recordings, Samples, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Mastering




Tonepoet Hanover, Maryland

I believe that music should be a melodic and harmonic rich soundtrack for your life. I've also created music under the name 'infinite_coil' as well as with the duo 'Harmony & Decay'.


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