Resonate​/​Reason Nitrate

by Tonepoet & Wings Of An Angel

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I want to really personally thank each and every person that has purchased my music. More than making a penny from any of this, hearing such great comments has really inspired me to give the best that I have to the people that appreciate it (that's you!). I really hope that this effort is reflected in the art that I present to you here.

I was not sure how to begin or end this release. In the end, I realize that concept albums are my favorite, and I wanted to create music that loosely represented life. Looking both ways at my parents and my kids, I realize that we are moving along the inescapable path of time. Each song (and title) represents a feeling in life that is universal (positive and negative) and I honestly set forth to express these moments within the music. I really hope that this music makes you feel something, and helps you to create moments that enhance your emotions. Every fleeting moment that we have on Mother Earth is meaningful, and every person is meaningful to another in some way.

Along the way, I'm managed to discover the unbelievable music of the artist Wings Of An Angel ( through the release 'Our Forgotten Infinity And The Absolute Zero' ( We have had some very good exchanges of musical inspiration and have expressed equal admiration and desire to collaborate in some manner. I was presented a very special musical outing that was inspired by this as well as my past releases entitled 'Reason Nitrate'. There was no way that we couldn't put this music together as our gift to those seeking solace and beauty in the form of a very long play release. Thus, we are combining our 2 efforts into 1. Here is what Wings Of An Angel had to say about this release:

"This is an album which has immediately become very dear to my heart. I feel as if it represents very well a particular transcendent moment of emotional clarity and a sense of purpose. I will start off accenting the gorgeous and spellbinding atmospheric work of my dear collaborator Tonepoet whom I see as one of the most open-minded, kindhearted and all-around talented ambient magicians today. Thanks to his breathtaking sonic inspiration, this album sounds so focused, light and angelic. I absolutely adore the incredible creative collaboration on his end.
Within my intimate soundscapes, I move to and fro all kinds of influences – from darker tones and moods to lighter ones - promoting emotional and intellectual clarity, creative and spiritually oriented insights and an overall message which is always life-affirming, even when the music is heavy and melancholic. My creative adventures are a direct mirror of and to my life, thus I've always proclaimed. In this spirit, this particular LP speaks about my (or rather one's) deepest and most profound spiritual yearnings and needs, translating them to soothing and ethereal sound palettes. It is, in my eyes, a healing journey towards a better understanding of what it means to be human, in the deepest sense of it. Thus, the title – REASON NITRATE – translates as the dissolution of the artificial boundaries that our logic and reason set to stop us from obtaining an intuitive feeling and touch of the divine spark within us and in a transpersonal manner. Even though, I am oft seen as a critical thinker and even skeptic to some point, I believe that these particular labels at large, when applied excessively, block from a certain point onward the complex (often silent, covert and obscure) relationship we develop with the primal magical force of existence.
I will explain: if so many people believe in the paranormal and other (so called "pseudo-scientific") spiritual teachings – then logically there has to be "something" to it which goes beyond mere blind faith. All the more so, I strongly believe that this something is crucial to the understanding of how the human organism operates in the realm of shadows that we know very little about ("the subconscious" or rather the twilight zone between the personal and the transpersonal, the mental and psychological realms which science understands very little of because the mechanisms of the brain/consciousness are still largely mysterious). Spirituality operates at this gap between the known and the unknown because as humans we always strive to explain ourselves and what's happening to us. Whether there is or is not a soul we know not; but I do feel as if our imagination and creative impulses, bind with the inborn intuition that we nourish, are at least a hint that something deeper is at works – beyond what cognitive and behavioral sciences tell us. The materialistic paradigm is a limited one; it's mechanistic and quite dogmatic in itself. Perhaps it is the end of the tunnel of truth; I simply don't believe so based on my own lifelong research. I don't sign that there is an afterlife or anything like that – but I do think that research has to continue further and farther unto the realms of what is known as parapsychology. Intuition, symbolism, mythology, iconography etc' are as valid sources of research as physics, chemistry and biology. One cannot exist without the other. Unfortunately and sadly, many people believe that the humanities are doomed and that they are soft sciences at best – in my humble opinion, this is bullocks and a poisonous opinion. Today, young people are taught in a very narrow manner, which means that they learn a specific set of tools without acquiring much of a general education, which in turn waters down the level of their discourse and interconnected understanding of what it means to be human and the integration of this fragile humanity within the nourishing universe that surrounds us. The tragic results of these highly technocratic and materialistic approaches are evident in the world today more than ever before.
Last but not least, I would like to thank Tonepoet once again for his majestic contribution and high-spirited attitude. I wholeheartedly invite you to visit his Bandcamp @
May peace, love and light be upon you all."

Feel free to use the music in any way, shape, or form. Please just give us credit, and if you like this release, feel free to share it. Feel free to contact us regarding this or any other release. Honestly, feedback is inspiring!

Special thanks to (my brother-from-another-mother) Paul Simmonds for allowing me to use the title from his amazing mix 'A Requiem For Dead Strangers' (

Another thanks to my buddy Denis Disia ( that runs Grani Radioshow ( for creating the font for this album.

Huge, HUGE (!) thanks to Wings Of An Angel. Not only for collaborating with me, but being a huge inspiration to me musically, melodically, and spiritually.




released October 3, 2015

Thomas 'Tonepoet' Lindsey: Guitars, Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering, Album Photo
Wings Of An Angel: Keyboards, Compositional White Magic, Ethereal Vibe, Dreams




Tonepoet Hanover, Maryland

I believe that music should be a melodic and harmonic rich soundtrack for your life. I've also created music under the name 'infinite_coil' as well as with the duo 'Harmony & Decay'.


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