Soundtrack For Imaginary Spaces

by Tonepoet

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Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa An album of 15 cinematic gems with the "Tonepoet" touch!
musicformessier & Black Hill
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musicformessier & Black Hill Amazing soundscapes. I'm glad to own your full discography. Thank you! Favorite track: Celestial Moments In Green.
Wings of an Angel
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Wings of an Angel Exceptional ambient album from maestro Tonepoet, a long time friend and collaborator. Beautiful, Soothing, Mesmerizing. Converging between breathtaking pads and atmospheric soundscapes and gorgeous melodies on instruments such as the piano. This album from this genuinely talented jack-of-all-trades musician is an immediate favorite of mine. One of the best LPs 2016 has given birth to.
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, 5/5. Favorite track: Still Waters Are Deep.
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My intention with this particular outing is to create a soundtrack for a film that doesn't exist. Or maybe it does. I set out to build up very emotional colors and soundscapes that tended to be very cinematic, so to create a special soundtrack for your life, and fill your mind with some emotional gravity. I hope that my vision with this undertaking is understood. With the many hours that turned into months (and the months that turned into over a year), I feel that this release has finally reached a point that is ready for a fresh set of ears and a mind hungry for beautiful scenes that unfold within one's self.

Feel free to use the music for whatever you want: meditating, sleeping, reading, driving, cooking potatoes, whatever! I envision myself traveling through the best places that Mother Nature offers while this music colors my mind with a sense of wonder and solace (if you have this sort of opportunity, do that for me, please!). If you use any music in any way, I ask that you only do two things. One, please give me credit in some way (because that's ethical). And two, please let me know that you did, only so I can pat myself on the back and feel that I inspired you in some way. Lame self gratification, but that stuff makes me happy. Also, follow me on Facebook, and show support to all independent artists.

The release itself is free. If you decide to purchase the music, you also get all of the alternate vesions of artwork that were considerations for this release in PNG format. That way, you can tag the music with any available artwork to personalize your visual experience. There is also a PDF booklet as a bonus. It is an explanation of the different artwork (what, how, and why). Totally amazing, actually. I had really considered doing a physical CD (because that's all the rage!), but it just meant more time, more proofreading, more headaches, and a guilty feeling that I'd have to roll the cost over to someone. Not cool.

One last thing. I mentioned this in a prior release (Headspace) and I'll mention it again. I'm a massive Prince fan, and his passing crushed me. I composed the song 'Showers Of Lilac' from Headspace in recognition of his art (Showers Of Lilac = Purple Rain.......get it?). In some small way I chose to show tribute to his artistry in writing a song that I feel represents my emotional state in reflecting his legacy. Therefore, the song 'Towards The Sun' is the tip of my hat to him. Rest in peace, Purple One, you are truly missed!




released November 15, 2016

Thomas 'Tonepoet' Lindsey: Guitars, Field Recordings, Samples, Piano, Organ, Keyboards, Mixing, Mastering, Album Artwork & Photos (All Variations)




Tonepoet Hanover, Maryland

I believe that music should be a melodic and harmonic rich soundtrack for your life. I've also created music under the name 'infinite_coil' as well as with the duo 'Harmony & Decay'.


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