We've Come Undone

by Tonepoet

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Wings of an Angel
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Wings of an Angel Amazing lucid ambient music with a character, tone and deep emotional world of its own. tonepoet is painting a beautiful landscape of ethereal sounds which are as sincere as they are soothing. A profoundly recommended LP by this maestro of emotional atmospheric music! Favorite track: (T)here.
Brian Bourassa
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Brian Bourassa Haven't found an album by Tonepoet that I did not like and this one is no exception.
Dan Leithauser
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Dan Leithauser Ambient electronic with all the markings of eno-lectric among others. Perfect for drifting.
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I want to personally thank those that have bought my prior releases!! I really mean it in the biggest way! The support and appreciation that I received from past projects has propelled me to get this release up and going, and has in turned allowed me to get new gear that works. It is extremely inspirational. Again, thank you so much!!

I feel really good about the music that I created here. I hope that my influences for this release (Vangelis, Bruno Sanfillipo, and Abul Mogard to name a few) shine through in a way that makes the music that I've created a tribute to those that have influenced me.

I took a few months (again) to create this and managed to be able to do so on new gear (that I bought from proceeds of sales, THANK YOU!!). Out of about 25 pieces (which I called 'Dreams I - XXV), I seemed to like these the best. I thought that my mind was tapped out after 'Headspace' due to the amount of stress that it caused me to develop and produce that particular release. I'm happy to have had the time and means to produce more music. Making connections through music has been the most rewarding aspect of the entire process, and I'm very thankful that honest and heartfelt sounds seem to resonate with humans the way that it does.

My wish is that you find a good place for this music. Use it to caress your mind into releasing creativity and good vibes. Feel free to share it with friends. If you use my music for any sort of projects, please give me credit. Not only for karma-related reasons, but so that I can get a little bit of a buzz that someone really likes what I do.





released March 12, 2015

Thomas 'Tonepoet' Lindsey: Guitars, Keyboards, Buddha Machine, Samples, All Production & Photos




Tonepoet Hanover, Maryland

I believe that music should be a melodic and harmonic rich soundtrack for your life. I've also created music under the name 'infinite_coil' as well as with the duo 'Harmony & Decay'.


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